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QuickStart VA Course Intro

  • How offering speaker support to your clients can grow your VA business
  • What to do first when looking for speaking gigs
  • How to market yourself as a speaker support VA to attract new clients (and how to market your clients as speakers)
  • Tips for best ways to send a successful pitch
  • How to help your clients with making a great presentation
  • Bonus video: How to help your clients with stage freight, plus the BIGGEST MISTAKE to avoid as a speaker support VA. Best tips for success

The desire from the Talent (author, speaker, coach, small business owner, entrepreneur) to get out there and speak is so deep (and in great numbers), that a VA who can support them in this quest will be in-demand. Too many speakers need someone who can help from behind, do some of the research and help them book the speaking gigs. So, if you're a VA who wants to start attracting more clients, make more money and provide a service that is in great need, this QuickStart VA speaker support course will help you get on your way.


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