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Speaker Training System

  • Modules 1 and 2 - Researching for Gigs: How to find speaking opportunities
  • Module 3 - Prospecting and Pitching: How to craft an effective pitch
  • Module 4 - Marketing yourself as a Speaker: How to brand yourself as a speaker, what to include in your speaker kit, how to create your speaker one-sheet
  • Module 5 - Contracts & Final Thoughts on Getting Gigs: Proposal and pitching tips, FAQs and mistakes to avoid, what to include in your speaker agreement and/or contract
  • Added downloads: Lead tracking and one sheet templates, pitch samples, speaker workbook and speaker training guide (one per module)

Speaker Training System: How to Get More Speaking Gigs

  • How and where to start the research for more gigs
  • The best places on where to invest time and energy for gigs
  • Step-by-step process on how to get you booked for gigs
  • What goes into your speaker kit (including samples and templates)
  • How to craft an effective pitch to generate greater responses from promoters and event hosts
  • How to jump from free gigs to paid gigs
  • Ways to make money from the stage
  • What to ask about your audience
  • How to keep the speaking funnel full
  • Tips on telling your story, why it matters, and how to make it engaging


  1. Module 1, Research Part 1

    1 Video
  2. Module 2, Research Part 2

    1 Video
    1 Download
  3. Module 3 - Prospecting and Pitching

    1 Video
  4. Module 4 - Speaker Marketing

    1 Video
  5. Module 5 - Contracts and Final Thoughts

    1 Video
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